Rescued Press Release, January 15, 2015

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An Anthology of Rescue Cat Stories — With a Difference — to Be Published January 27

LOS ANGELES — January 15, 2015 — Rescued: The Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes is not your average anthology. It contains a dozen compelling, funny, moving, true cat rescue stories, each one told through the cat’s own perspective. In addition to its unique point of view, Rescued’s marketing campaign is geared specifically to help 12 pet rescues that were paw-picked by the book’s authors.

Cats are saved in many different ways, and the stories in Rescued reflect that variety. There’s the castoff who wanted a home, but on his own terms; a victim of cruelty who only had love for his saviors; a purebred but special needs Tonkinese whose breeder almost put him down; an emotionally traumatized cat who had to learn to love—and live—again… and more. The human writers behind the cats are just as interesting: a leader in cat rescue, a musician and filmmaker, a producer/ director, and a cozy mystery author, just to name a few. Many of these cats already have a strong presence as bloggers or on Facebook; some of these writers have won awards. Rescued features an impressive group of authors, both new and experienced.

The editor of Rescued, Janiss Garza, wanted to do something a little different from the usual indie publishing campaign, and because of its theme, she wanted to promote cat rescue along with the book. So she had the authors each choose a rescue that was near and dear to them, and a full third of the book’s profits will be going to these rescues. Many of the authors will be setting up events locally to promote their rescue and the book together. This way, everybody wins. “I’ve designed Rescued’s promotion and marketing campaign so both the authors and cats in need will benefit,” says Janiss.

Rescued is available worldwide on January 27, 2015. Many of the authors (in cat or human form) are available for interviews, as is the editor.

Janiss Garza