Author Q&A – Karen Malena/ Piggy

Piggy’s story, “Piggy: The Claw Machine Cat,” appears in Rescued Volume 2: The Healing Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes.

Karen Malena and Piggy of Rescued Volume 2

As Karen:

Tell me a little bit about your background, both as a writer and a cat lover.
My cat loving days began early. I grew up in a home that always had at least one cat, if not two. And we were the type of family to take in strays even if their stay was only temporary.

As for writing, a vivid imagination from my childhood would be the catalyst for my love of stories. Growing up with a mom who was in and out of the hospital through my younger years caused me a lot of stress and anxiety. It was making up stories even at a young age that would become a healing balm.

What inspired you to submit to this anthology?
One of my friends in the Facebook cat community knew about Piggy’s Facebook page and book. She thought I might like to submit a story. Also, I feel it is important for people to hear how our precious felines found their forever homes. I love heartfelt tales, and this was a wonderful way to share that.

Tell me a little bit about your relationship with the cat in your story — from your own (human) perspective.
Piggy is my son’s cat, though I do have two of my own, Rocco and Bella. But Piggy has become very special to me. When I visit my son’s house, she always recognizes my voice right away and comes to greet me. She’s usually very shy where company is concerned, and it has always amazed my son that she has this type of bond with me. She hardly leaves my side when I am with her. She was my brother’s cat first, but while my son Matt was staying with him, Piggy chose Matt for her daddy. When they moved into a new home, she just thrived, and I enjoy seeing her opening up in ways she never did before.

Why did you choose this particular rescue organization to support?
I just love the work that My Ferals of Evansville Indiana is doing for the feral cat community. Jeannie, their administrator is such a delight. She’s a true cat lover whose heart is filled with love for every cat she has helped. When I see her placing some of them into loving homes, it warms my heart. She is compassionate and caring and also an advocate for TNR.

If you had written the story from your own perspective, how would it have been different?
I think it is fun to write in Piggy’s voice. I do that daily on her Facebook page. Had it been in my voice, it may not have had the “bite” that Piggy gives to the words. When I am in Piggy’s fur, so to speak, I find that I am bold and creative, fun and a little sassy.

What’s your next writing project that you’re working on?
Right now I am on the third book in a series of four about a lovely town near me called Ligonier. It is inspirational fiction, a golden years love story, and also tackles many serious issues that some of us face. I call my writing “stories from the heart, inspiration for the soul.”

As Piggy

How did you feel when your story was chosen to be included in the anthology?
When Grandma Karen told me about this opportunity, of course I was ecstatic. We love reaching out to our friends and fans on my Facebook page with humor and heart. I tried to convey this in the story, once we began writing it together. And also, as a true diva, I absolutely adore the attention.

Tell me about your relationship with the human who submitted your story and helped you write it.
Grandma Karen is a lovely person. She is one of the most compassionate humans I know. She always takes time to cuddle with me when she visits me and Daddy. She treats me like a queen, and I would do pretty much anything to help her. She gives excellent belly rubs and extra treats, so of course that didn’t hurt either.

Is there an event or anecdote that was left out of the story that, looking back, you wish you had put in?
I wish we could have shared some of the drawings that our fans and friends have done of me through the years. Some of them are quite good. Other than that, and more of my most awesome Piggy poetry, I am pretty satisfied with the way we wrote it.

There are so many famous cats, in the news, in movies, and on the internet. Which one is your favorite, and why?
I have always enjoyed the cat cartoon character Garfield. He’s wonderful because he absolutely adores food as much as I do.

If a movie were made of your life, which actor do you think should be cast to play you?
If it wasn’t for me being so camera shy, I would certainly love to play myself.