About Us

FitCat is an independent publishing company that specializes in books, fiction and nonfiction, which appeal to highly targeted niche markets. Our authors are experts in their topics, and we work closely with them to help them reach their market — and expand it. FitCat does not specialize in any one subject; our authors range from guitarists to felines (you read that right — we have cat authors). We are more interested in talent and platform than in specific topics. (Yes, we believe that platform exists even in fiction; look at successful fiction writers — they know the area in which they write and they also have a deep understanding of their audience.)

Because we are small, we can spend more time to make our books shine. Most large houses these days whip through the editorial process and talent isn’t nurtured. We want to reverse that trend and help our authors create the best book possible. We keep costs low by using print-on-demand technology for our distribution and switching to offset printing only when volume warrants it.

Because of our personal approach, we don’t look at unsolicited submissions. If we did, we would never have time to get personal! We cherry pick our authors and approach them, not the other way around. If there’s chemistry, it works out. Does it sound like a romance? It should. We are here because we love a good read.

When we aren’t attending to our roster, our editorial department is available for hire. If you’re self-publishing or have signed with a publisher that has a bare bones or overworked editorial department, you may want your book to have a thorough edit before it leaves your hands. We can do that for you — visit our contact page and email us for more information.