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Your Book Is Not for “Everyone!”

I spent the weekend at the Digital Author and Self-Publishing Conference. It was great, and I’ll have a lot to say about the sessions I attended, but one issue stuck out for me during the “Building Your Platform as an Author” panel. It’s something I’ve heard writers say too many times and it’s so wrong. […]

Rescue Cat Stories: Call for Submissions

FitCat Publishing is looking for writers for an anthology of rescue cat stories. This is a very special anthology because the stories will all be written in First Person Cat (in other words, through the eyes of the rescued cats), and a portion of the profits will go to cat rescue. This will be a […]

Takeaways From the Greater Los Angeles Writers Conference

This was my second time at the Greater Los Angeles Writers Conference. Last year, it coincided with my birthday, so I considered it a birthday gift to myself, and it was money well spent. I learned a lot and had a great time. This year was even better. I’ve been writing professionally since the late […]